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Way back in the year 1989 when God called Pastor Clement Barnabas a young man into ministry, God spoke to him especially divulged him through a Vision to reach out and touch the youngsters of this fostering generation. Accepting the call of God in his life, to do His will, Pastor Clement Barnabas started to do ministry among the children through the Vacational Bible School. He had traveled to many places amidst of adverse difficulties and has ministered to the little ones. He is bringing glory to the Kingdom of God by His God given talents and abilities. God saw the commitment, dedicated mind and the burning desire to carry out His will.

God began to use him so potently and mightily in the ministry right from his youth. God is delighted and has honored his ministry and blessed him enormously. He had a burning zeal to do Theological Studies but unfortunately all of his efforts to join the course declined. As it is said in Psalms 37:4, “Delight thyself in the Lord and He will grant the desires of your heart”, The Lord granted His favor by enabling him to join in Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore, in the year 1994. He did his B.Th and graduated in the year 1997. His college life was again an uncertain and challenging experience, where God once again began to divulge with him through a vision and affirmed His calling to do ministry among students. After his graduation, he joined in his local church to do ministry as an associate Pastor under Rev. D. Mohan (New Life AG Church). The very same year after He began his ministry in the local Church, God fulfilled the vision by ordaining him to be the Youth Pastor of the Church. In a little while, he was embarked as In Charge of the Teen, Youth & Campus ministry. He worked there for seven years. God used him so mightily and vigorously and he has been an inspiration for many youngsters. His burning zeal for God, never faded away, he was induced by the Holy Spirit to raise scores of youth, like himself, to carry out the work of God. Many of the youth developed by him, are in full time ministry and many others whom he equipped, are now in God’s service in their local church. This is a true sign that God has ordained him specially to be the minister among the youth. It was in the year 2002, when God spoke to him about starting up a ministry in the city of Chennai. He yielded his heart towards the urge of God’s call in 2002.

He began his Ministry as Shekinah Full Gospel Church, under Shekinah Full Gospel Ministries, in the southern part of the City of Chennai in Thuraipakkam. Since the inception, the Church has been experiencing the grace of God and growing in number. God has placed scores of opened doors in many colleges to do the youth ministry among the aspiring students. Not only in the midst of youth but also in the children’s Ministry, Lord is using the Church tremendously to glorify His name. The Lord has been performing scores of miracles in a spectacular way among the believers and touching many a lives of the people in that place. We are able to clearly see the hand of God and miraculous working power of the Lord, being manifested in that area, through our Church. Now Shekinah Full Gospel Ministries has extended many wings by planting Churches, Mercy Care Centre etc.

We sturdily believe that God would continue to shower His blessings towards this ministry to reach the countless number of unreached souls in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and across India and around the world, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. Amen