The Shekinah Church had a humble beginning with a tiny group of 5 people on 2nd February 2003 in a tent on the Upper Floor. The Church began to cultivate the souls around the place. Miracles began to happen. The mighty hand of God was upon the Church and people started to throng the place. Even the children in our church started to experience the love of our God.

Power of God was displayed vividly in the eye of each believer's life. People were healed from many diseases and were able to experience the deliverance. Blessings and Miracles started flowing out of the church to the areas. In 12 months’ time, people were packed to the capacity and the Church overflowed. Even people from other religions turned to God in hunger. At the end of 3 years of ministry, God blessed us with more than 275 souls. And now at present God has blessed with more than 400 souls.

The Church has grown to the next level. Now we have 3 different services in 3 Languages. Besides Thuraipakkam we have 5 branch ministries and Churches. Anointed men of God are doing great things for God in those places.